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WWE Raw Results: June 15, 2015

Posted by Staff on
June 15th, 2015

He’s baaaaack. After a whole night of The Authority teasing a mystery opponent for Seth Rollins’ next title defense and Rollins himself baiting his tenuous allies into accepting the position — Triple H and Co. made a hard left in Raw’s final moments. He summoned Brock Lesnar from exile, naming The Beast Incarnate as The Architect’s No. 1 contender for WWE Battleground.

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Despite Rollins’ eagerness to live up to whatever “pressure” came his way, The Authority’s decision to un-shutter Suplex City left The Architect literally shaking in his boots. That is, at least until he beat a terrified retreat. Is the decision best for Rollins’ personal health? Probably not. But for once, The Authority and the WWE Universe are on the same page in saying it is definitely best for business.


WWE Raw Results: June 1, 2015

Posted by Staff on
June 2nd, 2015

For those of you keeping score at home, Dean Ambrose is still AWOL with Seth Rollins’ stolen WWE World Heavyweight Title in his possession. Triple H promised consequences for The Lunatic Fringe should the title go unreturned, and since Ambrose was nowhere to be found, The Game decided to focus his attention on the madman’s accomplice instead. That’d be Roman Reigns, who assisted in Ambrose’s heist and was left to take the proverbial bullet for his “brother.”

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It’s not that Reigns minded a chance to laugh in the face of the flustered King of Kings, though, as he was also there to offer Ambrose’s terms. Ambrose would show his face again if, at Money in the Bank, The Authority granted him a Ladder Match for the title. Despite the outcome — a belligerent Rollins accepted and stormed off — The Game soon found a way to wipe the smile from The Big Dog’s face. The COO opted to punishhiminstead of the absentee Ambrose in the form of a match with Reigns’ Money in the Bank spot on the line.


WWE Raw Results: May 25, 2015

Posted by Staff on
May 25th, 2015

“Under duress” is a polite way to describe the manner in which Dean Ambrose got his WWE World Heavyweight Title opportunity against Seth Rollins last week, but The Authority, fair sports that they are, decided to honor The Lunatic Fringe’s unique negotiation tactics provided a bit of formalities were out of the way first. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Co., in a Raw-opening address to the WWE Universe, told the former U.S. Champion the match was all his, provided his name was on the official contract by night’s end.

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Given that this wasn’t shaping up to be so simple as lending the guy a pen, Roman Reigns stormed to his brother-in-arms’ aid when it looked like Dean was headed for the wrong end of a group beatdown. Which turned out to be both a blessing and a curse; while Ambrose was temporarily saved, the Shield vets found themselves wrangled into a tag-team bout against Rollins and Kane.


WWE Raw Results: May 15, 2015

Posted by Staff on
May 22nd, 2015

Mama’s home. With Triple H having re-inserted himself into The Authority’s machinations last week, Stephanie McMahon didn’t waste any time returning to The King of Kings’ side after a lengthy trip to Singapore. She returned to Raw, million dollar smile on display, to help fete Seth Rollins for his successful defense of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Payback. Of course, she also couldn’t risk a chance to run down Daniel Bryan one more time, showcasing The Beard’s vacant Intercontinental Championship while hyping the Elimination Chamber Match on May 31 that will determine its next bearer.

Two potential suitors for the title made themselves known almost instantly: Sheamus, who clobbered Bryan in The “Yes!” Man’s final singles match before falling to injury, and Ryback, who stood up for the absent fan-favorite. The Human Wrecking Ball brazenly told The Celtic Warrior he looked stupid, successfully stopped Stephanie mid-sentence and, for his grand finale, dared Sheamus to pick on someone his own size. And to top it off, both of them were confirmed as contestants in the Elimination Chamber. To quote a certain someone: “Yes!”

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With Randy Orton noticeable by his absence, Dean Ambrose dispatched by Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns out of his hair until SmackDown, Seth Rollins had plenty to celebrate during the “Architect of a Dream” shindig organized for him by The Authority. That said, Ambrose wanted a WWE World Heavyweight Champion Match, and a title match he was going to get. After getting denied earlier in the night, The Lunatic Fringe crashed the party and asked, once again, for a championship bout. And it took a conveniently placed pile of cinder blocks and a steel chair to convince The Authority to give it to him. Rollins, ultimately, was the one who got the last laugh for the time being, however, dispatching Ambrose with a Pedigree after The Authority temporarily overwhelmed The Lunatic Fringe. Aggressive negotiating at its best, WWE Universe.


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