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Having bought a ticket to Raw, Brie Bella was there to support her sister Nikki in person and spirit. But without her twin in the ring beside her, the magic was in short supply for the Fearless Diva when Stephanie McMahon organized a four-on-one gang-up of the former Divas Champion. Brie, however, couldn’t help herself, and jaw-jacked her way into a physical confrontation with Stephanie that saw her slapped and banned from ringside all before the match even started. Things only went downhill for Nikki when it did start; Stephanie’s fearsome foursome feasted upon the hapless Nikki, with Alicia herself doing the honors by executing a scissor kick to the Bella’s back.


What started as an evening of delight quickly turned sour for Stephanie McMahon, who introduced hip-hop superstar Flo Rida only to find herself hauled out of the building in handcuffs when all was said and done. Having conclude some unfinished business with Heath Slater, Flo took to the stage for a medley of “Good Feeling,” “Wild Ones” and “Let the Good Times Roll” before Stephanie was approached by two officers — called by none other than Brie Bella — arrested for battery and escorted out of the building for an arraignment despite her persistent, vehement protests. And, cue the “Yes!” chants.



The hits keep on coming for Nikki Bella, who evidently hasn’t finished paying for her sister’s rebelliousness by a long shot. Forced last week to compete with one arm tied behind her back, this week the former Divas Champion found herself placed into a 2-on-1 Handicap Match by Stephanie McMahon.


The fearless Diva did pretty well against her two opponents, Alicia Fox & Cameron, breaking out a surprisingly diverse arsenal – La Magistral! Alabama Slam! – but it wasn’t enough to stop Alicia from overpowering her in the end in the latest embarrassment of the Bella Twin. And the worst part is, it’s unlikely that Stephanie is done by a long shot.



Intended to be a rematch from Raw once again pitting The Funkadactyls against Nikki Bella in a Handicap Match, Stephanie McMahon had other plans. Rather than letting Nikki go it alone again, she gave her a new tag team partner – her longtime rival, Alicia Fox.


Alicia seemed genuinely excited to team with Nikki – even rallying the WWE Universe is a “Nikki” chant as The Bella Twin tried her best to keep Naomi and Cameron at bay. Finally able to make a tag, Alicia refused to accept Nikki’s tag. Adding insult to injury, Alicia kicked her partner allowing Cameron to grab the pinfall.



Behold the King, and the egg on his face thanks to John Cena’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory at Money in the Bank. The Champ’s 15th ascension to the throne put a damper in The Authority’s plans for supreme domination. WWE COO Triple H did attempt to put a positive spin on Cena’s title victory, extending an olive branch to The Champ in the form of a cover spot on “WWE 2K15,” Cena saw through the subterfuge and called the corporate power out on their “phony” politeness.

To which The Game replied he was willing to live with Cena as champion, provided he did so with the proper “respect.” The Champ (to put it lightly) deferred the request and opted to go for the hard way. His choice was honored in the form of a Fatal 4-Way title defense at Battleground against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns and a tag-team main event teaming him and Reigns against Orton & Kane later in the evening.


Later that evening…of all the personas Damien Sandow has adopted, this was perhaps his most audacious: Just a few hours up the road from WWE HQ, The Enlightened One threw on a suit and took on the guise of Mr. McMahon himself. However, “Mr. McMahondow’s” entry of Sandow into the Battleground Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship didn’t exactly endear Sandow in the eyes of a proper McMahon: Stephanie. In fact, The Authority’s resident queen delivered swift justice to the imposter in the form of another contestant in the Battle Royal: The Great Khali, against whom the would-be Chairman had (you guessed it) no chance in hell.


WWE COO Triple H and WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon were ringside to witness The Champ’s ultimate triumph must have just been icing on the cake for Cena, who came out on the wrong side of history when the two World Titles were first unified at WWE TLC last December. As long as Cena’s list of championship wins is, this one was particularly impressive given that The Authority had not one but two representatives in the bout, and one of them – Kane – wasn’t so much a contestant in the classic sense as an insurance policy to make sure Orton was victorious again.

It was then that Cena seized the opportunity fate had presented him. With Kane and Orton alone in the ring and the titles ripe for the Viper’s taking, the Cenation leader made his play. First, he AA’ed an unsuspecting Kane and then delivered his signature maneuver to Orton , slamming The Apex Predator on top of Kane’s prone body for good measure before climbing the ladders and unhooking the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for his 15th World Championship reign.


And what a reaction he got from ringside: The Game, who had stacked the deck and rigged the odds in every way imaginable, nearly tore off his tie in frustration. Stephanie McMahon’s jaw all but hit the floor. John Cena scaled the turnbuckles with the two titles in hand – the very outcome The Authority had worked so hard to avoid all those months ago – and mocked them with the “You Can’t See Me” hand gesture. Of course, they could see him. In fact, if the trend holds, they’ll be seeing it for a long, long time to come, whether they like it or not. The Champ is here.


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