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WWE Monday Night Raw Results: January 12, 2015

The dust has settled from the mass firing that closed last week’s Raw. But the wound is still open for John Cena, who indirectly allowed the reinstated Authority to serve Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback their walking papers as payment for getting them ousted from power at Survivor Series. The 15-time World Champion’s vow to finagle the reinstatement of the “Corpus Christi three” by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title and holding it hostage only provided ample opportunity for the corporate triptych to salt said wound. The Authority dangled an opportunity for Cena to get his three buddies their gigs back provided he defeats Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match.

Almost a year after he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and just three days before he returns to the ring, Daniel Bryan made his way back to The Big Easy for some one-on-one time with his beloved “Yes!” Movement. Bryan’s message was as gutsy as you’d expect — he promised to go the distance and win the big one all over again but Stephanie McMahon’s retort was as vicious as it ever was during The Beard’s rise to glory.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Video: Stephanie Interrupts Daniel Bryan

Not only did McMahon remind Bryan of the beating he sustained at the hands of Kane, but she also implored the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion to abandon his quest for the sake of his family. When Bryan, declined — let’s call it — McMahon played her ace in the hole and revealed Bryan’s opponent on SmackDown: Kane. The Devil’s Favorite Demon picked up right where he left off by brutalizing his former fellow WWE Tag Team Champion. Bryan thwarted another Tombstone to the steps, though, instead unleashing hell on his former buddy. Bryan beat Kane back with dropkicks and a suicide dive as vicious as anything he pulled off in his prime. All of which is to say, has Daniel Bryan slowed down?


Jan 13, 2015

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: January 5, 2015

So Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are back, and they wasted no time in kicking off 2015 much in the way they kicked off 2014: with proclamations and machinations designed to put their enemies in their places. Assembling the entire WWE roster in the middle of the ring, The Authority — after some perfunctory face-rubbing for John Cena, who was forced to reinstate them — set about rewarding facilitator Seth Rollins with a third spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Cena and Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. They also declared the night “John Cena Appreciation Night” as payment for the Cenation leader’s contributions … and placed Dolph Ziggler into an Intercontinental Title Match against Bad News Barrett.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Video: The Authority Fires Multiple Superstars

“John Cena Appreciation Night” took a sinister turn particularly fast, as The Authority’s would-be celebration of the man who brought them back turned into a systematic dismantling of the Superstars who helped oust them in the first place. Less an appreciation than a public humiliation of the Cenation leader’s closest allies, The Authority went from a disingenuous “praising” of Cena’s perseverance to making him watch as they subjected his Survivor Series teammates to their long-promised punishment. For their insubordinate actions at Survivor Series, Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler were all fired. So say the King and Queen.

Source: WWE

Jan 5, 2015

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: December 29, 2014

What should have been a celebration for Edge, Christian and the WWE Universe turned into a nightmare of the highest order. Seth Rollins seized the ultimate opportunity on “The Cutting Edge Peep Show” and exploited the neck injury that ended Edge’s career to force John Cena to do the unthinkable. With the assistance of Big Show and J&J Security, Rollins incapacitated Christian and threatened to administer a potentially life-endangering Curb Stomp to Edge unless Cena caved in and reinstated The Authority.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Video: John Cena Reinstates The Authority

Having no choice, Cena made the sacrifice for his former rival and agreed to bring Triple H & Stephanie McMahon back to power. The couple made their return then and there, watching with glee after Rollins gave Cena the beating he’d intended for Edge and raising a glass to 2015 in WWE. It was a development, it must be said, that sat quite well with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, who celebrated Cena’s destruction alongside The Authority atop the ramp. Here’s to 2015 …

Source: WWE

Dec 29, 2014
Dec 23, 2014

Meet Shape’s New Editoral Advisor

Shape’s stellar roster of fitness experts just gained another star: WWE and American Media Inc. announced today that Stephanie McMahon, WWE Chief Brand Officer, is Shape’s new editorial advisor. In this role, McMahon will consult with the editorial staff on print and online content pertaining to health and fitness.

“It is an honor to join the team at Shape,” McMahon said. “This role provides me with the ability to connect with women from all walks of life and share my passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.”

It was also announced that McMahon’s husband, WEE Executive Vice President, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, is the editorial advisor for our sibling publication, Muscle & Fitness. Together, they currently appear on the cover of the December/January issue of Muscle & Fitness, sharing an inside look at their fitness routines as well as a sneak peek at exclusive workouts from “WWE Power Series: Triple H” and “WWE Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon,” available now on DVD at mass market retailers and as a digital download online.

“Shape and Muscle & Fitness only work with the most trusted and authoritative experts in the world of health and fitness,” said Shawn Perine, Chief Content Director, Enthusiast Group and Editor in Chief, Muscle & Fitness. “With their vast experience and knowledge, Stephanie and Paul are perfect ambassadors for the global health and fitness movement, and are highly valued partners to our brands. I’m excited to be working with them.”


Dec 9, 2014
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