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Stephanie Elected to WWE Board of Directors

Posted by Staff on
February 26th, 2015

WWE announced that Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, and Paul Levesque, Executive Vice President of Live Events and Talent Relations, have been elected to Board of Directors as of February 26, 2015. On behalf of this fan based site and WWE Universe, we offer our warm congratulations to the power couple on having more new roles at WWE. To learn more about McMahon’s corporate responsibilities, visit

Happy Birthday, WWE Network!

Posted by Staff on
February 24th, 2015

WWE Raw Results: February 23, 2015

Posted by Staff on
February 23rd, 2015

All jokes aside, Randy Orton’s unexpected return at WWE Fastlane really was — ahem — outta nowhere. But the surprise of seeing Orton back in action and RKO’ing anyone whose name began with a “J” had nothing on Stephanie McMahon’s reaction to the return of the Superstar she ordered to be destroyed the last time he showed his face. She welcomed him right back.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | The Authority’s Backstage Meeting

Incredulous as it sounds, McMahon — flanked by Kane, Big Show and Triple H — was more than willing to allow the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion to rejoin The Authority and take his place as The Face of WWE once more. Even more incredulous was Orton’s eventual reaction to the offer: a tentative, if somewhat sinister-sounding, commitment to attend a backstage “business conference” to formally cement his re-induction via a tag-team bout against Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns, with Seth Rollins as his partner.

Source: WWE

WWE Raw Results: February 9, 2015

Posted by Staff on
February 9th, 2015

One vs. All is all well and good as Roman Reigns’ mantra in his ongoing crusade, but The Big Dog found himself in a Two vs. Two predicament not long after he opened Raw by addressing his current situation alongside — and against — Daniel Bryan. The budding rivalry between the two wasn’t without its barbs but remained, all in all, friendly.

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That turned out to be ideal, though, as The Authority soon emerged to test the chemistry between the two fan favorites by pitting them against Big Show and the risen Kane in an impromptu tag team contest.

Source: WWE

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