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WWE Monday Night Raw Results: October 13, 2014

If Hell is other people, then John Cena and Dean Ambrose don’t even have to wait two weeks before one of them goes there: The Lunatic Fringe and the 15-time World Champion’s destinies are so intertwined at this point they’re practically both in Mephistopheles’ clutches already. Their predicament didn’t get any better on Raw, either: Despite dropping each other across the previous week, tensions between the two Superstars were at an all-time high as their battle for the right to face Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell approaches. The Authority decided to have some fun with that, forcing Cena & Ambrose to team up against The Usos and Gold & Stardust in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. Somewhere, Teddy Long is smiling.

Dean Ambrose is going to Hell. Or maybe it’s Seth Rollins who is headed straight to the pit, since Mr. Money in the Bank’s former brother-in-arms prevailed over John Cena to capture a contract guaranteeing him a spot in the Cell against Rollins to settle their rivalry once and for all.

Screen Captures | Digital Photo | Aftermath: The Authority Makes Announcement for Next Monday

For a while, it seemed like Ambrose was more interested in punishing Cena than claiming his prize; The Lunatic Fringe battled his opponent up the ramp and absorbed as much damage as he inflicted. Cena claimed the advantage by using Ambrose himself as a fastball special against The Authority, who had gathered at ringside, but the former U.S. Champion proved himself to be much less unstable than his T-shirt would have you believe: While Cena preoccupied himself with his corporate foes, Ambrose clambered up the turnbuckle and snatched the contract for his own. Next stop? Hell itself.


Oct 13, 2014

WWE SmackDown 15th Anniversary Results

SmackDown’s 15th Anniversary Celebration went down in epic fashion thanks to a huge 15-Man Tag Team Match, several big surprise returns and an explosive “MizTV” encounter between John Cena and Dean Ambrose! SmackDown’s very first General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, kicked off the blue brand’s historic night before being interrupted by two other former SmackDown GMs, Theodore Long and John Laurinaitis.

The one-time rivals picked up right where they left off, as both men tried to outdo one another by proposing a series of match ideas fitting such a monumental night. In the end, the tag team matchmaking master himself, Teddy Long, eventually came up with the idea for a history-making 15-Man Tag Team Match featuring Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Usos, Los Matadores & El Torito versus Damien Mizdow, Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Gold & Stardust, Slater Gator & Mini-Gator.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Former General Managers to Make History

Adam Rose and his Rosebuds soon joined the party, only to have one of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon, place the leader of The Exotic Express in an impromptu match against Kane. The decision left the partying Superstar looking glum and the three former GMs dancing with glee.


Oct 10, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: October 6, 2014

He may have gotten the gunk out of his hair, but Seth Rollins couldn’t remove the egg from his face after his epic humiliation at the hands of Dean Ambrose and an air cannon loaded with Gak last week on Raw. The Lunatic Fringe’s desecration of both the Money in the Bank briefcase and Mr. Money in the Bank himself set Rollins into an epic tizzy at Raw’s beginning, leading him to more or less dare Cena and Ambrose to come and get him.

Screen Captures | Digital Photo

So, of course, they did; Cena from the stage and Ambrose from the crowd when Rollins tried to flee through the WWE Universe. But the combined might of Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury helped dissuade the two-on-one ambush long enough to provide Mr. Money in the Bank some safe harbor at the last minute. The timely appearance of The Authority also gave Rollins some extra protection for Raw’s main event, which would reform the uneasy Cena-Ambrose alliance against all three members of the corporate stable, Rollins, Kane & Randy Orton.


Oct 6, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: September 29, 2014

Forget hijacking Raw, The Authority has a bigger, more pertinent theft to deal with: Dean Ambrose’s burglary of the Money in the Bank briefcase on SmackDown, leaving The Authority’s crown prince temporarily without his golden ticket. Adding to their problems at the start of Raw was the threat of Brock Lesnar having to deal with Seth Rollins for his Night of Champions sneak attack. But Rollins put Paul Heyman’s mind to rest on that matter relatively early on by insisting he attacked The Beast Incarnate of his own accord.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos

Yet even after The Authority did manage to make contact with Ambrose, who appeared on the TitanTron and dared Rollins to get the briefcase himself, the corporate power had to contend with one more obstacle. That would be John Cena, who stormed Triple H & Co. and sent Rollins scurrying for cover for the second straight week.


Sep 29, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: September 22, 2014

He’s baaaaaack. One month after escaping WWE medical officials and going on the lam, Dean Ambrose has returned from his walkabout and is ready for some payback. In fact, the self-dubbed “ugly stepchild” of WWE staged a literal sit-in until The Authority presented Seth Rollins for further punishment.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | The Authority Locks Up Dean Ambrose

What he got was John Cena, who similarly wanted a piece of Mr. Money in the Bank. Ambrose wasn’t exactly OK with splitting his prize down the middle and seemed more than ready to throw down with the Cenation leader as well. The Authority’s attempt to restore order led Cena and Ambrose to take matters into their own hands and chase Rollins through the bowels of the arena, until he commandeered a civilian’s car and sped away from his pursuers.


Sep 22, 2014
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