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Stephanie McMahon Featured in “Shape” Magazine

According to WWE, Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is featured in the latest issue of “Shape Magazine” for October. One of the most powerful female leaders in entertainment industry explains how she stays in best shape and manages her responsibilities as an executive and a mother of three children at the same time. Get the October issue of “Shape” Magazine for the entire story available now on newsstands everywhere!

Sep 13, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: September 8, 2014

It ended like the WWE Universe likely expected it would. But before Jerry Springer’s Bella Twin intervention went down in proverbial flames, there was at least an attempt by the dysfunction king to corral the Bellas into reconciliation. Springer even brought in the Bellas’ parents via recorded message, and their brother J.J., to help bring the two together.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Jerry Springer’s Bella Twin intervention

Unfortunately, all the family in the world couldn’t stop the five-way brawl that ensued when J.J., Jerry, the Bellas and Stephanie all hit the mat and started throwing hands at each other. Poor Springer caught the worst of it, and was wheeled out on a stretcher when all was said and done, a twisted ankle and bruised ribs to his name but in good spirits nonetheless.


Sep 8, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: September 1, 2014

Nikki Bella’s tales of growing up alongside a supposedly wicked sister have seemingly moved Stephanie McMahon, and one of WWE’s principal owners finally found a gift powerful enough to make Nikki whole: A Divas Championship Match. Nikki, of course, found this to be a great plan and was excited to be part of it. Brie Bella was less of a fan, though, to say nothing of AJ Lee and the Divas Champion herself, Paige.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Stephanie Causes Divas Unrest

As tensions mounted, Nikki offered Brie one final chance to mend the fence between The Bellas: to quit. Brie chose physicality instead, shoving Nikki into Paige, who lost hold of her title in the process. That led to a tense staredown between AJ and Stephanie when the former nearly absconded with the title, but a last minute command from Stephanie seemed to restore order among the Divas division, at least for now.


Sep 3, 2014

Stephanie’s Blog: An Angel on Earth

I remember the moment I met Connor Michalek. It was January 26, 2014, after one of our biggest Pay Per Views, the Royal Rumble. I walked backstage and ran in to this little boy who was taking pictures with one of our Superstars. From his physical appearance, I could tell he was sick; he had no hair on his head, scars from surgeries up the back of his neck, and a bulge on the top of his scalp. But you would never know it from his huge personality and his megawatt smile.

“Stephanie, please meet one of my best friends, Connor.” said our ring announcer Justin Roberts. Connor looked up at me with his captivating, chocolate brown eyes and immediately asked, “Do you want to see my t-shirt?” Before I could respond, he told me in rapid succession that he was in fact wearing three t-shirts, not just one, “This is my Skylanders t-shirt, because I love to play Skylanders with my little ‘bwother’, this is my Daniel ‘Bwyan’ t-shirt, because Daniel Bwyan is my ‘vewy’ favorite Superstar, and this is the t-shirt Sheamus just gave me when he came out of the ‘wing’!”

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Aug 30, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: August 18, 2014

Sisters really are doing it for themselves: Nikki Bella made what was perhaps the biggest power play of SummerSlam 2014 when she betrayed her own flesh and blood, Brie Bella, and fed her to Stephanie McMahon in their grudge match. As Stephanie allowed Nikki to explain, the reason for the Diva’s total betrayal stemmed from Brie’s supposed “selfishness” throughout their lives, especially in the months since Brie quit to save Daniel Bryan’s title reign. It was a cold-blooded denouncing of the sisters’ lifelong bond. Brie’s last-ditch offer of forgiveness to her sister was met with similar coldness, plus a stinging slap from Nikki to Brie’s cheek.

Screen Captures | Digital Photos | Nikki Bella Explains to the WWE Universe

Having crushed his enemies, seen them driven before him, and heard the lamentation of the Cenation, Brock Lesnar is truly nothing if not a conqueror. And like any conqueror worth his salt, The Beast Incarnate received his crown from none other than The King of Kings himself when Triple H presented Brock with a brand-new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Following the coronation, it was Paul Heyman – once again the advocate for a reigning, undisputed WWE Champion – who commemorated the crowning of his client with a speech proclaiming nothing less than the death of Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, the Cenation itself, and any prospective challenger to The Beast’s crown.

Source: WWE

Aug 18, 2014
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